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Catching Fireflies On A Hot Summer Night

Think about the relationships we’ve formed as children. When we’ve played together for hours. Summer, with splashing hose water on each other, playing kickball and playing with dirt. Catching fireflies on a hot summer night.

We’d have balloon fights in our old neighborhood in the summers. We’d fill up our balloons with water and throw them at each other. The balloons would break, spilling water all over. We also had berry fights, our shirts filling up with red stains that just wouldn’t come out in the wash. We thought as children that our friends would be there forever. Somehow the sense of time is slower, and even the summers inbetween the school years were drawn out. The times we would watch scores of fireflies lighting up the night grass. Trying to catch some of them, trapping them under a jar and then letting them go. Catching fireflies was something we loved to do in the summers. Between hearing the crickets and fireflies at night, there was something comforting about it.

If you could think of a metaphor for how we define our relationships, what would it be? I would think of the fireflies we’d watch, flitting around, sparks flying in the freshly cut night grass. Watching them around us, admiring them, mesmerized by them. Trying to catch them. Trapping them under glass. Then releasing them so they wouldn’t die. And feeling sad when not seeing the sparks of their light anymore. Knowing how fleeting they are, yet how beautiful. Knowing they don’t last forever.

Isn’t it ironic that the most beautiful memories in our lives can also be the most fleeting?

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Keep on Going

You come home and the dog knocked a bag of chips on the ground and tore it open. You almost fall on the slippery tile floor as you open the refrigerator to put away the cheese and vegetables you just bought. You notice that the 2 liter bottle of soda sitting in the refrigerator that your live in’s been drinking is empty but it’s been put back. You feel a minor pang of annoyance, Why do you have to be the one to clean up?

You sit down and turn to the news channel. Any news channel. The news is so stressful and awful you want to tune it out. If just for a moment. But can you? The answer is, yes and no. If you want to drift off to sleep you can. But as long as you are awake in the real world, you just can’t. We are all connected in some way. We can feel and we can empathize. We all feel human suffering, grief, loss, fear, joy, worry, stress.

We worry about our children, grown or small. If they are still children, we worry about what this world will be like when they are adults. Will life be less stressful for them?

We worry about our spouses or significant others, husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, our mates. Will they stay with us for a while? Will we be protected, cared for, and loved? If we are alone, we worry about being alone, perhaps. Or, we might be relieved that we are alone, if even for a moment or a lifetime.

We worry about our jobs, homes, living situations.

Stress is an after effect of worry. We have stress every day of our lives. Stress is a way of life. Part of this happens because we don’t live in a bubble. We live in the real world.

How can we cope with so much stress and stay healthy, and not buckle under a continuing pile of stress? We feel like stress continues to pile up. How do we get rid of it? We don’t but we find ways to cope. Exercise, sleep, eating the right foods, playing with the dog or cat, leaning over and kissing our lovers, tucking our little ones into bed. Sitting alone with a glass of wine and cheese, savoring their flavors and relishing the time alone. Remembering what makes us happy, what makes us smile and brings us tears of joy, not tears of sorrow.

Yet, staying with the moment, and being aware of what’s around us is essential. Finding a way of just hanging in there. And to keep on going.

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Life Traveler – Down the Winding Road

Life is like traveling down a winding road; it has its pitfalls, obstacles, challenges, and thrills. I talk about relationships here, and how to cope with a relationship, or not feel discouraged, but feel renewed. I am not offering any advice, just some thoughts as a life traveler and writer.  I am a female writer and fellow life traveler. Each day or week I will post a comment about the world as I see it; I welcome any of your comments! Speak up and let me know how you feel about things, what you read in my blog, or any thoughts or experiences you might like to share.

As a woman, we have extra challenges, we have age challenges, raising a family, the pressure of beauty, staying healthy, and also, trying to hold our relationships and families together. Do not feel discouraged; we are all traveling down this road together. Monica A. Wolfson/a/k/a TravelingThrill.

All writings © TravelingThrill

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